RITA (OU LE MARI BATTU), Gaetano Donizetti

Work by Gaetano Donizetti (1797 - 1848)
Premiered in 1860 to a libretto by Gustavo Vaéz

Academic year 2010/2011
Without the scenic participation of children on stage
With the support of HSBC

Educational activities
Workshops: music, singing, dramatic expression… (October 2010 to March 2011)
Exploration of the historical context: history of the opera, commedia dell’arte, the Opéra Comique…

Educational concert 
March 15, 2011

Commentated rehearsal
March 24, 2011

David Stern, Elizabeth Askren, Jay Bernfeld, Luanda Siqueira, Douglas Henderson, Caroline Meng, Mathieu Abelli, Anne-Catherine Chagrot

Classes concerned
CE2 & CM2 - Ecole Bois de la Garenne of Voisins - Mr Tartarin & Mrs Giardi
CM1-CM2 - Ecole Poirier St Martin of Montigny - Mrs Beaudouin
CM1-CM2 - Ecole Jules Verne of Montigny - Mrs Scotto
6ème-3ème SEGPA - Collège Gargarine of Trappes - Mr Le Folgoc
BTS class - Lycée Bascan of Rambouillet - Mr Fourny

Théâtre de Saint Quentin en Yvelines
March 31, 2011 at 7.30pm & April 1, 2011 at 8.30pm
Cast : Camille Poul, Rita - Pierrick Boisseau, Gasparo - Mathieu Abelli, Pepé
Opera Fuoco - Conductor David Stern